• 11 Feb

Windhoek – Namibia’s Sky-Diving Hotspot

Just so we’re clear about the fact that we’re not all as ignorant as the dear president Donald. J. Trump, I should declare that the “W” in Windhoek is pronounced with the “V” sound. And with that I’d like to discuss just why this little corner of the world is a firm favourite amongst many thrill-seeking adventurers, particularly those from the neighbouring countries around Namibia, such as South Africans in particular.

Windhoek is probably the sandiest capital you’ll find in the world, but what that brings is some awe-striking and breathtaking views of sand and sand dunes that go on forever! Being familiar with landscapes such as those of the Nevada desert otherwise makes it impossible to fathom just how beautiful a desert can actually be, but this is not about the majestic views of the desert per se, but rather about just what makes Windhoek Namibia’s sky-diving hotspot.

Depending on where you’re running your search from, Windhoek in Namibia tends to come up as one of the prime spots for sky-diving and there is an entire institution and market built around this thrill-a-minute adventure activity. But the question of what makes this a sky-diving hot-spot comes to mind again…

The perfect chill

There’s a reason why the name of this place has a wind reference to it, but the actual wind makes for the perfect chill, during the day that is because like any desert, it can get really, really cold at night time. During the day the wind temperature is perfect for extreme sports in that it keeps one really cool, but what it also makes for the perfect setting for is everything that goes on around the main activity of sky-diving, so too the sky-diving itself. What could have been earmarked as a morning activity might very well only really take place later in the afternoon or at some other time, simply because of having to wait it out for the wind to hit this perfect chill level.

Once the perfect chill hits then it’s all systems go and there is lots of fun to be had all the way up in the sky.

The sky-diving media packages

A sky-diving shot is perhaps the ultimate bucket list snap, is it not, so why on earth would you go sky-diving if you have evidence of it? It’s not so much about showing off to all your buddies on social media, but more about getting some memories for yourself which you can look back on and perhaps inevitably experience that adrenalin rush you experienced actually doing the activity all over again.

There’s no need to worry about trying to snap the shot yourself – if you take up one of the media-kit add-ons then there will be a tandem jumper who can even shoot a video of the whole thing as it unfolds.

There are quite a few sky-diving operators and one pick is as good as any other one really, but the important thing is that you give yourself a good couple of days to make sure you’ll get the opportunity to actually do the jump.