• 17 Aug

How to Take Travel Photos Like a Boss

I guess I’m one of those people who personally conform to this particular societal construct, that being that I don’t quite believe a man should be seen holding a selfie-stick in any one of their pictures. I mean I know it’s somewhat of a stupid invention which turned out not to be so stupid after all, but I don’t know – the fact that you can see that pole running from your hand kind of defeats the purpose for me.

Travel bloggers in particular need to maintain just a tiny bit of professionalism about the content we produce, so I guess discussing the ability to take travel photos like a boss is aimed more at people like us. However, anybody who seeks to take travel photos like a boss can definitely do so…

Deploy your travel buddy

Anyone who is travelling with you will only be too happy to take much better pictures of you and you’ll be surprised at just how tireless of a job it is. Never in my entire life on the road has someone I’m travelling with said no to taking my picture. You might have to return the favour if your travel buddy is just as keen to get some memories of their own snapped, but I mean if you don’t mind benefitting from what is essentially a personal shadow photographer then you won’t mind returning the favour.

Ask the locals

Locals are always keen to help a traveller out with their photo-snapping needs and many times you don’t even need to ask. Obviously you’ll need to be aware of the safety issues surrounding petty thefts and the likes in relation to the destination you’re visiting, but generally any passer-by would be more than happy to snap a great shot of you, or two, or three…

Here’s the thing as well – other tourists know what’s up too, so bothering a fellow holidaymaker for a boss shot beats having to try and minimise the appearance of that pole which forms part of the dreaded selfie-stick!

Use a selfie-tripod

Instead of a selfie-stick, use a tripod. Heck it’s fine if it’s even referred to as a selfie-tripod since many of them are indeed selfie-sticks with the extra feature of extending all the way out into a tripod. Get one that comes with an integrated Bluetooth remote, download the synchronization app which you’ll be directed to and your life will be so much easier because then you don’t even have to set the self-timer and run into position every time you want to snap the perfect pick. Just press the remote shutter button and you can take so many different pictures and then sift through them later to pick out the best one.

Use your device’s self-timer feature

I guess I’ve already introduced the concept of the self-timer feature by referring to it as one which you can avoid if you have a Bluetooth remote for your tripod, but otherwise it still works far better than showing that hideous selfie-stick.