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  • 18 Dec

Virtual Reality Meets Travel

I’m not 100% sure about how I feel about this, but it’s definitely something which is gaining some traction, that being how travel is going fully virtual with virtual reality. I think my mixed emotions come
  • 09 Nov

What It’s Like to Stay at a Backpackers’ Hostel

Budget travel is pretty much synonymous with lodging at one or more of those backpackers’ hostels as this is pretty much the cheapest form of accommodation you can get anywhere while still being able to enjoy
  • 04 Oct

Raw Travel Diaries

Anybody who actually follows through on their desire to travel the world has my full and undivided attention, on whatever level their commitments to travelling are. However, a special place in travel folklore should be reserved
  • 17 Aug

How to Take Travel Photos Like a Boss

I guess I’m one of those people who personally conform to this particular societal construct, that being that I don’t quite believe a man should be seen holding a selfie-stick in any one of their pictures.
  • 06 Jul

Nightlife for the 30’s PLUS Club

Many people would go as far as perhaps saying we should rather start factoring-in this new way of enjoying the nightlife at around the age of 24 or 25 years because that’s when one’s energy seems
  • 29 Jun

Picking out the Best Carry-On Bag

Would you believe it if I told you that there backpackers of sorts who have figured out how to look like they’re not travelling light at all judging by the pictures they snap of themselves seemingly
  • 28 May

A Day in the Life of a Casino Whale

In my quest to fully immerse myself into what is essentially this travel blogging world, I sent out a few requests to potential sponsors who might be willing to offer up an exchange of their travel
  • 04 Apr

Exploring Destinations through the Eyes of the Locals

This is especially true for frequent travellers who want to stretch their budgets as far as they possibly can while still getting that authentic holiday getaway feeling they’re naturally looking for when visiting a faraway place,
  • 27 Mar

Luxury Premium Travel on a Budget

Why do certain travellers insist on paying about double what an Economy Class plane ticket costs just so that they can fly Business Class or First Class and why are they also willing to pay about
  • 11 Feb

Windhoek – Namibia’s Sky-Diving Hotspot

Just so we’re clear about the fact that we’re not all as ignorant as the dear president Donald. J. Trump, I should declare that the “W” in Windhoek is pronounced with the “V” sound. And with