• 28 Sep

Pack up for your holiday to Phuket – what to bring?

Your tropical island holiday to Thailand is coming up. As the day of departure is getting closer, you need to start packing up, but what to bring? And what not to pack? These are tough decisions to make! Here’s a little help to take away some of the ‘i’m-going-on-a-holiday-stress’:

  1. Keep it simple and always remember rule #1: Don’t pack too much!!!

Heavy suitcases full of clothes we don’t wear, things we never use and items left unopened – It is not just you, we all have this tendency to pack too much, especially when travelling to some far-away, exotic place on planes that allow us to bring a suitcase of 30 kg for free. But let’s think again – do you really need to bring 2 towels? No, you don’t! Surely, they will have super comfy and soft towels at the villa that you will be calling your home during your island stay. Yes, pack a nice dress for a special evening out if you must, but you don’t need 2 or 3! Do you need a hair dryer? No! 2 pairs of shoes? No! The list continues, but the bottom line is, when packing up for your Phuket holiday, think twice about every item you put in your suitcase – you may want to keep some extra space for those gifts and souvenirs you are going to buy during your island stay.

  1. Paperwork

Make some copies of your important documents such as your passport, driver’s license, travel insurance and keep them at separate places, so you are never without when you need them. If you plan to rent a scooter or a car, do bring an international drivers license. It is easy to arrange at home, and it saves you a lot of hassle with the police here on Phuket Island.

  1. Mosquito repellent, sunblock & other basic travel items

Save some space for these essentials! Sunblock is super expensive on tropical islands because tourists need it and locals don’t use it. Bring a bottle with a high factor. Mosquito repellent with Deet might come in handy and if you are planning to go on a boat trip, take some pills for motion sickness. Bring some O.R.S sachets and other first aid essentials. Better to be prepared!

  1. Things not to forget – make a checklist!

Passport, smartphone & chargers, your camera and your bathers – want to be sure you don’t forget any of these essential things that you are not supposed to forget? Make a checklist to avoid last-minute stress and find peace of mind. You can download some free Phuket Travel Guides on your phone. I’d also recommend downloading a translation app, currency exchange app, podcasts (for the flight), oh, and very important, remember to put your bank card on ‘World’ if you don’t want to get the unpleasant surprise of not being able to take out money at the ATM in Thailand when you need it. 

  1. Be safe with a travel bag

Be safe and get a travel bag! You don’t want anything to go in or out of your luggage in a moment of unawareness. A travel bag is the best way to be sure of this, so get it!

You are all set, now go and enjoy. Phuket is wonderful!


Written by Stephanie – Villa Finder