• 27 Mar

Luxury Premium Travel on a Budget

Why do certain travellers insist on paying about double what an Economy Class plane ticket costs just so that they can fly Business Class or First Class and why are they also willing to pay about four times as much for accommodation just so that they can stay in some of the finest hotels this world has to offer? Answer: It’s all about the luxury premium travel experience and as much as it costs quite a bit of money (stupid money in the eyes of many savvy travellers and budget travellers), with the right approach you can experience luxury premium travel on a budget, at will too.

So what does it take to tap into the luxury premium travel experience on a budget, pretty much at will?

Trip Booking Times

It’s quite ironic how so-called budget travellers who slum it up in mixed dormitory rooms at a backpackers’ or a hostel are seen in the eyes of non-frequent travellers to be loaded in many ways since they’re so adept at finding the time and money to travel and travel frequently. In many cases they are in a sense “caught out” to be pretending to be budget travellers because they manage to stay in some of the finest hotels and sometimes even fly Business or First Class.

They don’t manage to land such premium luxury travel deals because of some hidden cash stash though. It’s a matter of timing and timing is everything. For an entire month, search for a flight ticket to the same destination, using the exact same parameters and you’ll begin to detect a pattern of how at times the same flight could cost a full half of the regular price, so too accommodation. In both cases it all just depends on the timing, i.e. if you travel during off-peak seasons then the cost of luxury and premium upgrades comes right down, to be fully taken advantage of.

Trip Flight Paths and Routes

Not-so-popular flight routes in particular have really bad down-times, but airlines don’t want to scrap the flights altogether, so they practically giveaway Business and First Class tickets during these extremely low-season periods.

Budget Booking Platforms

Hop online and run an extensive search of any place you might want to lodge at and eventually you’ll come across what may appear to be some insane prices, even for the premium upgrades to something like the presidential suite of a prestigious hotel brand name. Most of these listings will likely belong to a budget booking platform which often has some super special deals to capitalise on.

Frequent Traveller Programmes

If you’re not a member of the frequent traveller programmes of the airlines you use and the accommodation booking platforms you use to search for a place to lay your head at then you’re truly just causing yourself to lose out on the perks associated with luxury premium travel which are otherwise within reach for literally a couple hundred dollars extra. Imagine something like being able to upgrade your flight ticket class just because you’ve accumulated some air miles due to your frequent travels…It’s possible…