• 20 Jun

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Business Travelling Time

As a significant part of my work involves traveling for business, it is nothing for me to pack up and fly out to a new country at the very last minute. Having worked this way for so many years, I am used to booking last-minute flights and scheduling work to fit around my travel itinerary.

If you suddenly find yourself in the position of needing to travel for work, it can initially seem a stressful time, with the inconvenience of such travel time eating into your work day and the early starts or jet lag. However, if you begin to view traveling in a completely different light, you may just find yourself enjoying the journey from beginning to end!

Make the Most of Your Airport Time

Though many people, whether flying for business or pleasure, detest the time they need to wait around in the airport for their flight, I relish this part of my business trips! There is no reason why this part of your journey cannot be useful or indeed peaceful. Though I am not one for trying out the numerous shops dotted around the airport, I do use this time to find a great café or restaurant and sit in a quiet spot, while working on whatever I need to do to prepare for the trip ahead. This is my down time, where I sit back and relax ahead of any meetings or conferences that await me when I arrive at my destination.

If you find yourself with no work to be done during this time, why not just sit quietly with that book you have been wanting to read for a while now or, better still, watch the planes taking off from the runway?

Look at Upgrading to Business Class if You Fly Regularly

If you begin to find yourself frequently flying for business, why not investigate the possibilities of going business class as often as you can. Fortunately, my employers are reasonable and aim to get me into business class whenever they can. If your company cannot stretch to that, why not see about discussing ways to make up the difference and pay for the odd upgrade for yourself?

There is no denying that business class is overall so much more comfortable than economy, as well as offering better food, drink, space and even flat beds on the long-haul flights! Many airlines will also provide airport transfer services, to your hotel and then back to the airport, when you need it!

Try to Schedule Some Sight-Seeing Time in With Your Work and Travel

If you are venturing further afield for a business trip, spend a little time before you go searching the local area where you will be based, alongside any places of interest for sightseeing. That way, when your official business is over, you can use the remaining time you have left for some much-deserved leisure activities. Alternatively, if you find yourself in a beautiful area, why not head out during your breaks and lunch or dinner time to explore the immediate vicinity before getting back to business?

Whenever I can, I coincide most of my meetings for a Friday and book the rerun flight home for late Sunday. This means I get a fantastic weekend of sightseeing in after finishing off everything that I need to do for work.

Make Sure You Accumulate Those Frequent Flyer Miles

It goes without saying that if you travel for business regularly, you will gain more flyer miles, which can perhaps be used to book that dream destination that you have had in mind for some time now! Therefore, the more travel that you undertake to see potential clients, the more travel you will be able to afford to do! Additionally, some airlines have business schemes which not only allow you to accrue points personally but, at the same time, also allow your business to collect additional points!

If flying is to become a big part of your work, it makes sense to find as many advantages from it as possible and work on developing a positive attitude towards the whole process. By just taking a few of the above pointers into account, business traveling will soon become like a routine extension of the working day; though one which you can end unlike any other day in the office!