• 29 Oct

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment Over a Boutique Hotel?

When you’re looking at accommodation options, you might find yourself trying to decide between a boutique hotel and a serviced apartment. Both are great options that get you away from the impersonal atmosphere most hotels are notorious for, but which one is right for you?

While there are advantages on either side, here are just a few reasons why you should choose a serviced apartment over a boutique hotel.

Added Privacy

Boutique hotels only cater to a few guests – that’s part of what makes them special. Unfortunately, they still don’t offer much in the way of privacy. Even though it’s a hotel, the property probably wasn’t built as a hotel. That usually means thin walls and feeling like you’re all living on top of each other. A serviced apartment feels more your own.

Larger Living Spaces

Another issue with boutique hotels is that their rooms tend to be on the smaller side. In many cases, a boutique hotel has been converted from a residential home, and most residential homes don’t have huge bedrooms because it’s assumed the occupants will have the rest of the house to play with. It’s especially annoying when you get the smallest room in the place. With a serviced apartment, you get your own area for living, eating, and sleeping.

Fully-Fitted Kitchen

While hotels offer room service at all hours and usually include a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner at set times, boutique hotels will generally only serve one breakfast and dinner each day. You’ll be expected to show up at a certain time, and you won’t be able to choose from different courses. With a serviced apartment, a fully fitted kitchen provides unrivalled flexibility. You eat what you want, when you want.

Superior Amenities

Finally, keep in mind that most boutique hotels run a little behind the times. You’d be stunning if a modern hotel or serviced apartment didn’t offer things like coffee machines, laundry services, free Wi-Fi, and TVs in the bedroom, but none of these amenities are a given when you stay in a boutique hotel.