• 19 Jun

The Basics of Packing A Backpack for Your Travels

Having traveled extensively over the years, I have used many suitcases, luggage sets, hold all’s and backpacks. In fact, there have been so many over the years; I can not even recall the amount I have gone through, neither how much I have spent in my quest for the perfect addition to carrying everything with me on my travels.

However, when I travel to several places in the one country, I always use a backpack for the convenience of having everything to hand with me, as I move from various accommodations and take numerous transport links. I have therefore become a bit of an expert when it comes to selecting and choosing the most practical style of backpack.

Invented in the 1930’s, with the intentions of being predominately used for all kinds of hiking activities, it was not until the 1960’s that the backpack’s popularity took off and was re-designed for everyone to enjoy regardless of his or her recreation or reasons for using such a product. Now there are so many on the market, the problem is usually more of a case of which one do I choose for my needs?

Below is a short guide to making the right selection for your individual needs to enable you to purchase the best backpack for you the first time around.

Make Use of Sales Assistants When You Shop

Ideally, you should purchase your backpack from a specialized store as these are the places that know their stuff when it comes to backpacks! Usually, an outdoor store, the sales assistants of such places will more than likely have a whole host of experience with the selections of backpacks on offer, and hopefully have traveled some distance themselves. Who better than to tell you all about the advantages and disadvantage of each backpack you choose and guide you through the entire shopping process?

Usually, with such experienced and knowledgeable staff, all you will have to is provide them with your intended destinations and activities you have planned for your trip and they will present you with some appropriate backpacks, which they know will get you through your journey in comfort. Try and find a store with trained staff and one which does not mind you asking questions or trying out their backpack range.

Never Purchase A Backpack Without Trying It on First

A backpack must be comfortable, so never be tempted to purchase one without trying it on for size! This is vital as it is going to be with you for the duration of your trip and you will be carrying it on your back day in and day out. Ultimately, though you may have to carry some weight it in, a backpack should never feel tight or uncomfortable, so it is a great idea to fill it with several heavy things in the shop to get an idea of what it will feel like once you use it complete with all your own gear.

A good store should understand the reasoning behind this and allow you to fill out the bag with some padding to get the full effect. It may seem a small thing but trying a backpack on with paper in no way gives you an idea of what it will be like once its packed and you are on your trip.

Have an Idea of What You Want from Your Backpack Before You Shop

Though most backpacks may look similar and indeed offer the same job, the variations on each one are usually what seals the deal as we all have different needs from such bags.

Waterproof: If you are heading to sunny climates, this may be the last thing on your mind, however, because the weather is usually temperamental when traveling, it is always a good idea to have a waterproof backpack as the last thing you want is to end up with wet clothes and electrical devices.

Support Bars: These are the parts on the backpacks that allow it to rest against your back. They can be essential elements of the design of the bag if you have a backpack filled to the maximum and you do not want something digging into you or scratching you, making you uncomfortable all throughout your trip. Also, such support will make your backpack stronger.

Safety: Obviously when you wear a backpack, you leave your items exposed to opportunist thieves, many who like to find backpacks rich for the taking as they can get in and out without being seen in a matter of seconds! Ensure such people are deterred from even trying to mess around with your backpack by adding a couple of small padlocks to all the zips and openings, thereby ensuring that your valuable goods stay out of reach and with you for the remainder of your trip.