Welcome to the website of Vacation Luggage, an inspiring place where I will share with you my extensive travel experience and knowledge. Hopefully, as you make your way through the site you too will feel inspired to contribute your own travel stories, expertise, and guidance to the broader community of Vacation Luggage.

Before we begin our exciting journey together, let me introduce myself and tell you how this website came to be.

About Me

Your dedicated host of this website is me, Wesley Steel! Not only do I work for a local transport company, but I am also a keen travel blogger. The two are mutually exclusive because I am fortunate to be able to travel around the world for work, which allows me the opportunity to blog about everywhere that my work takes me.

I was born and raised in the breathtakingly beautiful U.S state of Alaska. However, a few years ago, I made the significant change to move from my hometown and the life I had always known to warmer climates. The rich and diverse country of Panama is now where I call my home.  As much as the place where I make my base may be a beautiful area to live, I do not spend that much time at home, as my job requires me to travel on a regular basis.

As a child, I never really traveled any further than my hometown. With all my family and friends settled in Alaska, there was never really any reason to leave the area. Growing up, I did the usual school and college routine, that was naturally expected of us all as youngsters and then I believed that I would end up working and spending the rest of my life in this State. I had often wondered what the wider world would be like to visit but never believed I would ever get the opportunity to travel further than Alaska.

However, having begun working my way through the transport industry, I suppose you could say that it was only going to be a matter of time before I had to start traveling further afield. Sure enough, only just a few years out of college, I had to take my first official business trip with the company, which led me overseas and away from Alaska for the first time in my life! Though to some it may have only been a straightforward business trip, to me it was a huge deal and hailed the start of a travel bug which I still have to this very day.

With new-found confidence, I applied to another section of the company which would allow me to travel for many months of the year. The role need me to be based near its headquarters which just happened to be back in Panama! I had no hesitations at this point about taking it, and the rest was history.

How Vacation Luggage Was Created

As I settled down in Panama, I had many requests form back home in Alaska to start documenting the area, alongside the numerous trips that I was taking. Initially, I took photos of wherever I traveled and emailed them to people to look through. However, this was becoming a lengthy process as more and more people were beginning to ask if they could be included on the list, and that included several of my colleagues stationed back in Panama!

I knew there had to be an easier way to put all my travel paraphernalia somewhere for everyone to access, and that was when I hit upon the idea to create my very own blog. What started out as an area for friends and family to view soon became a talking point among colleagues, which then stretched to the various clients I visited. I then began to compile more extensive articles for anybody with an interest in traveling to access. The traffic numbers exploded!

What to Expect from Vacation Luggage

Whether you have a passion or a dream for travel, this is the website for you to access absolutely anything related to the travel industry. From travel destinations, news and events, to hotels and photography, the Vacation Luggage site has it all. So, join the wider community of like-minded members as we make our way across the world and begin our adventures.